Catch up on the biggest events in the Mid-Telemark region this summer.

Everything from festivals and sporting events to fruit festivals and concerts. An overview of smaller and larger events can be found here. Also take a look in our event calendar, where you will find an overview of what happens all year round.

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Festivals and events


Sauherad has naturally good conditions for fruit production and is the most important fruit-growing municipality in Telemark. So what could be more appropriate than an Apple Festival?

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Come to the biggest ski party of the summer in the middle of Telemark at the end of June. Sommarland Ski Festival with the world's best skiers on the starting line is held in Bø and Lunde, and is one of the main events in TelemarksVeka.

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For 30 years, Telemark Festival has been an arena for diverse and vibrant folk music from all over the world. We are proud to have a festival that’s a little out of the ordinary – a festival that gives you unique concerts in idyllic surroundings.

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Gullbring Culture Centre

Gullbring Kulturanlegg is a regional cultural centre with a theatre, cinema, swimming pool, gallery, café and sports hall.

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A music festival for those who either play in brass bands, rock bands, string quartets, sing in choirs or any other musical ensemble. The festival combines both a fun musical event with all the popular activities on offer at Bø Sommarland.

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Kroa i Bø er en konsertscene med mye spennende arrangementer og konserter i løpet av hele året. 

Les Mer


Lunde Lock Park is a park area with events, outdoor art exhibitions, a playground, seating and, barbecue areas, a footpath for short walks and boat moorings.

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