Hiking and Mountains

We have both child-friendly and more demanding summit hikes on Lifjell, idyllic hiking trips along the Telemark Canal, Bø river or Fruktbygda.

Out for a walk?

The Lifjell Plateau in Telemark has over 20 peaks over 1000 metres above sea level. The walking distances vary in length and difficulty and are equally suitable for experienced walkers well as families with young children. There are detailed tour descriptions and maps of the Lifjell area and most of the tours are well signposted and marked.

From the peaks there is a view all the way to Kragerø coast, Seljord and Kongsberg on clear days. You can also see the entire Bø and Central Telemark region in panorama, with its elongated fields and beautiful cultural landscape.


One of Denmark's largest newspapers, Politiken, has written an article about the journey to Bø and hiking on Lifjell. Read the article (in Danish) here:

"Fjeldtur med far: Jeg er helt lykkelig” [Mountain with walk with dad: I’m fine with that.]


We have collected our best cycling routes in the area. To read more about cycling, trail biking and cycling routes, you can see more on our Cycling page.

Hiking in Midt-Telemark

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