Shopping in the Bø and Central Telemark region

There is a rich business community in Bø, Gvarv and Nome.

Bø town centre has shops to suit all tastes. There are two main shopping centres, but also smaller specialty shops along Bø main street. Lunde has a pleasant main street with shops and the Henrik and Victoria cafè with outdoor seating. Ulefoss has a shopping centre and a good selection of shops. Ulefoss also has the area's only cobbler! There are grocery stores in Gvarv, a bakery and lots of tempting farm shops in Fruktbygda.



    Has well known shops such as Cubus, Vinmonopolet, Coop Extra, Posten and more.

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    Sentrumsringen, the trading association in Bø works to make shopping attractive and vibrant for our customers. Good collaboration and a large community are the key to success!

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    There’s plenty to tickle your fancy as well as your taste buds in Lindheim Beer Company's shop. The shop sells everything from drinking glasses, sliced meats, apple juice, to cider, beer and much more.

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    Bø, Gvarv, Lunde and Ulefoss are located right in the heart of Telemark. Only two hours from Oslo by car or train.

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