Lerkekåsa Vineyard

Embark on a unique vineyard experience

In the sun-kissed Fruit Village of Gvarv, nestled amidst the warmth, you'll find possibly the northernmost vineyard in the world, Lerkekåsa Vingård

Here, grapes thrive outdoors, and you're welcomed to a romantic overnight stay in large oak barrels amidst the vines. From the double bed, you can gaze directly into the vineyard, and enjoy your morning coffee surrounded by roses and grapevines.

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You're also invited to stop by for a day visit. Our farm shop is open by appointment. If you drop by without scheduling, we might be out on an errand.

At our farm, we offer vineyard experiences that will leave a lasting impression.

Join us for a comprehensive vineyard tour where you'll explore grape cultivation, witness the growth process, learn about key grape varieties, and discover the art of nurturing grapevines for quality wine production. This experience culminates in a tasting of four wines, offering insight into how excellent raw materials lay the foundation for a diverse array of wines.


We also offer wine tastings at the farm for groups ranging from 10 to 50 people. Prepare for an immersive experience involving smelling, tasting, savoring, and laughter.

Through guided tastings paired with presentations of wine, fruits, and sweet berries, you'll gain insight into how diverse raw materials form the foundation for a wide variety of wines. Dive into the history of winemaking, the production process, and sample four wines crafted in-house.

Additionally, you can indulge in a unique accommodation experience within wine barrels.

The farm boasts three large oak barrels furnished as bedrooms, providing a truly special overnight stay. Within the thick oak walls, you'll still catch the scent of fine wines. From the comfort of the double bed, you'll have a view straight into the vineyard, and morning coffee is savored amidst roses and grapevines.

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