Practical info


If a Norwegian runner has not submitted an approved health certificate, and not in time before the start of the race, this will have the following consequences in TelemarksVeka:

There will be start lists and start schemes as normal for all registered in TelemarksVeka. This means that all athletes, regardless of the submitted health certificate, start according to the standard start list.
However, there will be a separate result list for the World Cup which will ONLY include international participants. Norwegian runners are required to have a health certificate to be classified as an international participant and thus qualify for registration for the World Cup. In practice, this means that no Norwegian runners without an approved health certificate will be registered on the result lists for the World Cup, and thus not awarded in the World Cup classes.

In the sprint, the quarter-final heats will be reserved for runners with international status, ie Norwegian runners without an approved health certificate will not qualify for the quarter-final heats.


Welcome to Notodden Energi World Cup at Arena Grønkjær on Friday 24 June 2022! Would you like to participate? Here you will find information that may be useful for you to know;

Location and time

Notodden Energi Arena Grønkjær, Notodden, Svevsmyran, 3677
Friday June 24, 2022

Invitation FIS World Cup Rollerski 2022

The event will be held in accordance with the applicable national and local infection control guidelines as well as the applicable NSF and FIS guidelines.

Race Schedule

The race is a free technique race with individual start in a paved trail of 3.3 kilometers, in open pine forest and with a great view of Lifjell. The trail profile is hilly and, according to FIS ‘requirements for altitude meters, gives full reckoning on FIS points for the runners.

We have the following classes and distances: women junior (7 km), men junior (10 km), women senior (10 km) and men senior (15 km).

Trail map
Classes and distances
  • Women junior: 7 km
  • Men junior: 10 km
  • Women senior: 10 km
  • Men senior: 15 km

EQ-Timing. As the race is part of the FIS World Cup Rollerski, registration for national team participants will go through the different nations, while other athletes sign up via EQ timing. A large number of participants are expected, so to secure your place we recommend doing so as soon as registration opens on 1 February. This also applies to the races on Friday 25 June (Sommarlandsprinten) and Sunday 26 June (Kanalrennet World Cup). 12-14 nations are expected to participate.

Registration deadline: June 18, 2022 kl. 23.59.

Entry fee
  • Women junior: 150,-
  • Men junior: 150,-
  • Women senior: 170,-
  • Men senior: 170,-
Day program

OBS; Updated July 22nd

  • 08:00 – 21:00 Race office – Notodden Energi Arena Grønkjær
  • 09:00 – 13:00 Official training – Notodden Energi Arena Grønkjær
  • 15:00 Women junior 7 km. Winning ceremony takes place right after the race
  • 16:00 Men junior 10 km. Winning ceremony takes place right after the race
  • 17:40 Women senior 10 km. Winning ceremony takes place right after the race
  • 18:45 Men senior 15 km. Winning ceremony takes place right after the race
Arena map
Race office

In the arena.

Showers, lockers and toilets

Lockers and changing rooms are available. Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to offer showers. There are toilets in the arena.

Registration, collection of start number and license

Race numbers are collected at the race office before the start. A license is required.


Transponders are handed out at start. Only the host’s pieces (2 pcs) must be used.


Published online. They will be here.


For all races in the FIS World Cup there will be prize money awarded to the top six finishers.


All participants compete on rental skis supplied IDT (2-er wheels). Roller skis are collected at the specified location in the arena before the start.


Available at the arena. The public is not permitted to park at the arena.

Contact persons
Team leader meeting

Thursday June 23, 2022 at 18:00 for Grønkjær and Sommarlandsprinten.

Team Captain`s meeting:
Click here to attend to meeting

Access to arena
Official training

Friday June 24, 2022, at 09:00 – 12:00.

Additional information

Need a place to stay? Check out Visit Notodden  for an overview of the surrounding area.

Good luck!

Greetings race organiser
Heddal IL