5 Fantastic Paddling Adventures

Norway has one of the planet's lengthiest coastlines, spanning thousands of kilometers and offering boundless possibilities for exploration. Embrace the exhilarating activity of paddling, which not only provides adventure but also promotes good health. Why not seize the opportunity? Here are five handpicked journeys!

First Camp Norsjø – Telemark to Kolahuset
Tour Details
  • ROUTE: First Camp Norsjø – Telemark-Kolahuset
  • LENGTH: Approximately 15 km
  • ACCESS: Start your journey from the road at Norsjø Ferieland. Alternatively, there is the option of boat access from Norsjø.
  • MAP: Refer to the map below for guidance

Embarking from First Camp Norsjø – Telemark, this excursion takes you along the picturesque route, passing the Patmos sculpture park and navigating up the tranquil east canal leading to Kola House.

It offers a serene and leisurely paddle through the river, allowing you to relish the quietude and immerse yourself in the surrounding birdlife.

Map First Camp Norsjø – Telemark-Kolahuset PDF
Turkart Norsjø til Kolahuset PDF

From Teksten to Evju Bygdetun

Tour Details
  • ROUTE: Teksten Camping-Evju Bygdetun
  • LENGTH: Approx. 10 km
  • DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Easy to medium
  • ACCESS: The starting point is Teksten Camping
  • MAP: Refer to the map below for guidance

Embark on a delightful 10-kilometer paddle from Teksten Camping to Evju Bygdetun, featuring a perfect blend of scenic wonders and tranquil paddling. This journey, with a low to medium difficulty level, caters to both novice and seasoned paddlers.

The starting point at Teksten Camping is easily reached, well-marked, and the route unfolds through charming surroundings, offering ample opportunities to appreciate nature and discover hidden gems along the way.

Map Teksten Camping -Evju Bygdetun PDF
Turkart Teksten Camping til Evju Bygdetun PDF

From Lunde Lock Park to Vrangfoss Lock
Tour Details
  • ROUTE: Lunde-Vrangfoss lock
    LENGTH: Approx. 12 km
    DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Easy to medium
    ACCESS: The starting point is Lunde
    MAP: Refer to the map below for guidance

Embarking on a canoe or paddle trip from Lunde Lock Park to Vrangfoss is a truly unique experience. Witness the manual operation of the locks as skilled lock keepers guide you through this historical process. The paddle journey unfolds in a spectacular landscape, and with a bit of luck or strategic planning, you might even cross paths with one of the charming canal boats.

Ideal for both kayaking and canoeing, it's recommended to commence the adventure in Lunde to take advantage of the favorable current conditions providing a bit of extra speed in this direction.

For those interested, canal boats can accommodate kayaks on board, offering an alternative return option with the purchase of a ticket. Amenities such as toilets and a café/restaurant are available at both the trip's starting and ending points during the summer season.

If you don't have your own equipment, kayak/canoe rentals are available at First Camp Lunde – Telemark.

Map Lunde-Vrangfoss Lock PDF
Turkart Lunde til Vrangfoss sluse PDF

From Lunde to Hogga Lock
Tour Details
  • ROUTE: Lunde-Hogga Lock
  • LENGTH: 7.8 km
  • DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Easy to medium
  • ACCESS: The starting point is Lunde. It is also possible to access the canal from nearby areas
  • MAP: Refer to the map below for guidance

Discover a picturesque section of the Telemark Canal, offering tranquility and charm. An option to take a detour up the Skåne River adds to the adventure. As evening falls, there's a good chance of encountering beavers in their natural habitat.

Important Note: Be aware of the fish barrier at Kjeldal. In line with risk assessments, the county governor advises against paddling through this area. To facilitate tourists, canoe trolleys are provided for easy transport around the fish barrier, ensuring you can still navigate this part of the canal. Information boards featuring QR codes are strategically placed to provide essential details.

Map Lunde-Hogga Lock PDF


Exploring the Waterways with a Canoe or Kayak

Combine your paddling adventure with a boat trip on the Telemark Canal. You can bring both kayaks and canoes on board. The price per unit is NOK 200.

We recommend booking the boat trip in advance through Visit Telemark, phone 35 90 00 20.

Note: In Kjeldal lock, canoes and kayaks cannot pass through due to an electric fish barrier.

Turkart Lunde til Hogga sluse PDF

 5 Great Tips for the Kayak or Canoe Trip
  • Choose the trip according to your skills and respect weather conditions and forecasts. Maps and compass (preferably GPS) should always be with you on any excursion. It's also crucial to be proficient in self-rescue and buddy rescue techniques.
  • Safety is paramount: Essential rescue gear includes a paddle float, spare paddle, pump/bailer, and a dry change of clothes packed in a waterproof bag. Additionally, don't forget first aid supplies, along with equipment to set up an emergency shelter.
  • Keep an eye on your energy levels: Always have some chocolate, nuts, or similar snacks easily accessible, in addition to water and a thermos with a hot beverage.
  • When searching for a campsite, prefer one with easy landing conditions (sand beach), a suitable tent spot (grass), and shelter from the wind. Always leave the campsite in the same condition as you found it.
  • If you want to improve your skills, especially if you feel uncertain, it is recommended to participate in a kayaking course. You can find courses with the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) at, or you can search among kayaking clubs and other organizers of kayaking courses.