Mor og datter i elva i Sommarland, med solsikkebånd

Universal Design

Everyone with a desire to travel should have the opportunity to choose us as their destination. At this destination, we work systematically to improve accessibility so that everyone - regardless of ability - can enjoy their visit to the destination.

Several of our member companies are participating in the project “Inclusive Tourism in Telemark” to gain more knowledge about accommodation for people with disabilities.

None of the participating businesses have the ability to become fully universally designed, but all are working to accommodate to the best of their ability. 'No one can accommodate everything for everyone, but everyone can accommodate something for someone' is the project's slogan, and it well describes our intent too. 

Read more about our efforts in accessibility

Sunflower Label

We at Visit Bø are proud to support the Sunflower Label.  Not all disabilities are visible – some are invisible.

The Sunflower Label is a discreet way to indicate to those around you that you have an invisible disability and may require extra assistance, help, or simply a little more time. If you wear this label/band, staff can more easily ask if you need assistance and, if so, how they can help you. The Sunflower Label is for both adults and children.

Benefits of using the Sunflower Band may include :

  • Sunflower Label makes you visible.
  • People around you can easily ask you how they can help.
  • First in line, where applicable.
  • Priority for seating in quiet surroundings, where applicable.
  • Priority queue at the entrance, where applicable.

If you think you need a Sunflower Band/Label, please contact the reception, guest service, or approach a staff member when you arrive at the establishment.

Providers offering the Sunflower Label are marked with a sunflower in the overview further down on this page.


Read more about the Sunflower Label
Results from the summer season of 2022 

We are the first in Norway to offer the Sunflower Label, and the response from the target audience and others has been overwhelmingly positive! In total, 5198 Sunflower Bands have been distributed during July and August in 2021 and 2022, demonstrating the existing demand.

The conclusion is clear; this offering is here to stay, and it continues to expand with more businesses in the area offering the Sunflower Label.

Arm med solsikkebånd på
Solsikkebånd og solsikkemerket på benk i Sommarland
Skilt ved inngangen, informasjon om solsikkemerket

What is Accommodated Where?


Bø Sommarland: They have separate tickets for people with disabilities, for pregnant individuals, and free entry for companions. It is also possible to borrow aids in the park, and dining establishments accommodate allergies and dietary preferences. Service dogs are welcome in the park, and accessibility, toilets, and changing rooms are adapted. You will also find several quiet areas. Bø Sommarland also offers Sunflower Bands. See more information on our websites.

👉 Read the dedicated article on universal design at Bø Sommarland

Bø og Lifjell horseback riding: They have special saddles for people with poor balance, special vests, and reins. They are also helpful in assisting you onto the horse if needed, but it is important to notify them in advance. A mobile staircase to aid in mounting the horses is on its way. Bø and Lifjell Horse Riding also offer Sunflower Bands. See more info on our websites.

Climbing Park Høyt og Lavt Bø: The park has the opportunity to receive and accommodate activities for guests with disabilities and other special needs. Contact them in advance, and they will do their best to make arrangements. The climbing park also offers Sunflower Bands. See more info at our websites.

Lifjell Ski Resort: Lifjell Ski resort offers the Sunflower Label.

Telemark Canal: The canal boats are old and have no possibility for universal design. Especially for people with mobility impairments, boarding can be a challenge. However, it is still possible to travel with us, with some exceptions. See more info on our websites.


Bø Camping: At 2 out of our 3 sanitary facilities, there are accessible rooms with automatic door openers. Access to the shop and reception is wheelchair accessible. Three of the accommodation units are wheelchair accessible. There are markings on the steps for the blind and visually impaired. Bø Camping also offers Sunflower Bands. Bø Camping has accommodated much more beyond this. See more info at our websites.

Beverøya Camping: They have accessible toilet and shower rooms and a ramp leading to the reception/shop. Their interactive dance arch can also be used by, among others, wheelchair users. They have open areas, parts of the area are paved, and the rest is covered with good gravel. Beverøya Camping also offers Sunflower Bands. See more info at our websites.

Bø Hotel: Accommodating allergies and other diets. Wheelchair rental and 2 wheelchair-friendly rooms with larger bathrooms, designed for wheelchair accessibility. Bø Hotel also offers Sunflower Bands. 
Information about rooms:

    • The doors to all hotel rooms are 80cm wide.
    • The doors to the toilets are 80cm wide in the accessible rooms and 70cm wide in the regular rooms.
    • There are fixed shower walls in regular rooms, and the opening is 75cm, with the shower room being 70cm wide.
    • The entrance, restaurant, and accessible rooms are all on the same floor (1st floor). There are no thresholds throughout the hotel, except for entering the room and bathroom.
    • Food orders are placed via phone and can be interpreted through text-to-number conversion.
    • The outdoor pool has a ladder or steps.
    • The entire garden is threshold-free.

See more info at our websites.

Telemark Canal Camping: New universally designed service building (summer 2021). All paths on the site are accessible for wheelchairs and for the blind/visually impaired. The surface is compacted gravel with a grassy area around, providing clear edge markings, minimal height differences, and evening/night lighting. Telemark Canal Campground also offers Sunflower Bands. See more info on our websites.

👉 Read the dedicated article on universal design at Telemark Canal Camping

Norsjø Ferieland: They offer a ramp to both the reception and the shop, wheelchair-friendly cabins, and sanitary facilities for those with wheelchairs. Norsjø Ferieland also offers Sunflower Bands. See more info on our websites.

Lifjelltunet: The cabins will work well for most visually impaired, hearing impaired, and those who can walk a bit on their own. Good lighting and contrasts inside, marked steps, and smoke detectors with sound in all cabins. For the hearing impaired, they need to bring their own smoke/fire alarm with vibration for their safety. Ramp for access to the service building. Proximity to the trail network to experience the feeling of being in the mountains (must be able to walk on their own). Nice gravel roads inside the cabin area and roads to several cabin areas can be used as hiking trails (some of these have gates, but there's an opportunity to go around).

Solstua Lifjell: Contact us in advance if you have special needs. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate everyone, but any information we have in advance helps us provide you with the best possible stay.

Norsjø Hotel: Inform the reception when booking if you have special needs. We may not be able to accommodate everything, but most things can be resolved in a good way. Everything we know in advance helps us provide you with the best possible stay. See more info on our websites.


Aarnes Cafeteria: There is easy wheelchair access at street level and the option to drop off right outside the entrance. The entrance door is equipped with an electric door opener. Aarnes Cafeteria has an accessible toilet. The event venue in the basement has a separate entrance and good wheelchair access, including an accessible toilet. See more info on our  websites.

Aasmundsens bakery: Aasmundsens bakery is located on the second floor of Bø Senteret. In the center, there is an elevator and an escalator, making it easy to reach the second floor. All entrances to the center have automatic door openers. On the second floor of the center, there is an accessible toilet (HC toilet). ee more info on our websites.


Akademika Bø Bookstore and Tourist Office: Has a ramp for wheelchairs. An upgrade of the entrance for wheelchair users is planned to be completed in July 2021. Akademika Bookstore and the Tourist Office/Visit Bø also offer Sunflower Bands.

Almankås: Here you will find parking right outside the store. Ground-level entrance without stairs and steps. There is also an accessible toilet (HC toilet) in the store.

Bertelsen Nyhuus Optics: There is a wheelchair ramp into the store and the option to drop off right outside the entrance door. The eye examination room is adapted for wheelchair users with a wide door and a movable chair, allowing individuals to remain in their own wheelchair throughout the examination.

Brukås Sport: From the parking lot, there is an easy entrance with an automatic door opener for wheelchairs.

Bøsenteret: Here you will find an elevator and an escalator, making it easy to access both floors. All entrances to the center have automatic door openers. There are seating areas in both the first and second floors if you need to take a break. On the second floor, there is an accessible toilet (HC toilet). Bøsenteret also offers Sunflower Bands.

Optician Torstein Nyhus: There is parking right outside the store. The entrance is at ground level with a wheelchair ramp at the entrance. The spacious premises include an eye examination room and wide doors.

Sentrumsringen Bø:  Members of Sentrumsringen have received training on the meaning of the Sunflower Band and how to recognize the symbol. The staff can then ask you how they can assist you, or you can inform them about your needs. By using a window sticker, you can identify businesses that have received training See more info on our websites.

Sport 1 Glexe: Adapted. The store is located at Bøsenteret; 1st floor and is at ground level without obstacles. The store is also large and easy to navigate.

Steintøy & Parfymeri: From the parking lot, there is an easy entrance with an automatic door opener for wheelchairs.

Sønstebøtunet: At Sønstebøtunet, there is an elevator between all floors. Marked accessible parking is available both inside the parking garage and on top. It is also possible to borrow a wheelchair. All entrances to the center have an automatic door opener. Accessible toilets are available in the basement and on the 3rd floor. Sønstebøtunet also offers Sunflower Bands.

Bø and the Midt-Telemark region extend north over the beautiful mountain area of Lifjell, west over the orchard village of Gvarv known as "Norway's Tuscany," southwest along Flåvatn, and east towards Ulefoss, Norsjø, and the Telemark Canal.

In Bø and the Midt-Telemark region, we aim to provide you with great travel experiences, where you can enjoy our cultural and nature-based attractions.