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Visit Bø is the tourism organisation for Midt-Telemark and Nome municipality. We represent Bø, Gvarv, Akkerhaugen, Ulefoss and Lunde. There are so many exciting things to do in our area and we appreciate all our talented members.

Would you like to become a member and be visible on visitbø.no? We can't wait to hear from you 😊

Our web presence is an important part of Visit Bø. We offer our own company websites for tourism companies, other businesses and organizers.

Bohotell.no, Fruktbygda.no, Breivagjestegaard.no, and Lifjell.no are all examples of businesses with their own web pages in the same portal. If you would like to become part of this network, please get in touch. We look forward to working digitally with several local businesses.

        Who Are We?

        Marianne Dale

        General Manager
        Mail: [email protected] // Phone: +47 413 33 310

        Therese Husby

        Project Manager TelemarksVeka
        Mail: [email protected] // Phone: +47 419 00 128

        Susanne Eikefjord

        Web- and Market Coordinator (Substitute)
        Mail: [email protected]

        Anette Schia Kaasa

        Web- and Market Coordinator
        (Parental leave)

        Mail: [email protected] 

        Projects We Are Working On


        TelemarksVeka is a major project under Visit Bø. This is a collaboration with TV 2 which is now in its fifth year. It involves around 50 businesses, local sports clubs, the Norwegian Ski Federation, Visit Telemark and several destinations in Telemark. The main events in TelemarksVeka are "Sommerfest fra Telemark" – an entertainment show on TV 2 with famous artists. This was at Bø Sommarland for three years and in 2021 it was broadcast from Lunde Lock amphitheatre. The Norwegian ski team has had its training session at Bø Hotell and participated in Sommarland Ski Festival and Kanalrennet in Lunde.

        Many of Norway's best skiers have trained at Lifjellbakken for many years, and many have suggested an uphill race. In 2021, Skarphedin Cross Country fulfilled this dream and launched Norway's most spectacular roller ski race; Lifjell Up. The roller ski race starts in classic style with start at Høyt & Lavt near Bø Sommarland. The finish is at Lifjellstua at the top of Lifjell, 760 metres above sea level and a distance of 8.8 km.

        Sustainable destination
        Since 2020, we have begun the process leading to the "Sustainable Destination" label awarded by Innovation Norway. The labelling scheme is a tool for us as a destination to systematise our work towards sustainability. By mapping criteria in terms of environmental, social and economic sustainability, this signals that as a destination, we have planned a long-term effort to increase sustainability. We are in the first phase of this work as of 2021. Check our website for updates.

        If you would like to read more about the labelling scheme, click here.

        Inclusive tourism
        Tourism companies in the municipalities of Midt-Telemark and Nome have long recognised the need for better mobility and wheelchair access, but they have lacked knowledge about how best to do this. The result was the project "Inclusive tourism in Telemark", funded by Innovation Norway and participating companies and will be carried out from April 2020 – April 2023.

        The companies agree that in partnership, they want to be the best in the country at facilitating tourism, so that everyone who has a desire to travel should have the opportunity to choose us as a destination. They will work towards being able to offer you travel and leisure experiences, no matter what your limitations are. They also agree that a good place to visit is a good place to live.

        Our Vision

        The destination's core values are embodied in its vision:

        With unity, courage, and joy, we strive to craft enduring memories

        - With heart for your experiences

        Our Values

        ⭐Solidarity: The companies within our organization share a distinctive collaboration marked by a strong sense of unity. We consider this close cohesion vital for the advancement of our destination. Open discussions are encouraged, welcoming everyone to engage in conversations about ideas, whether they are small or large, and to address common goals. Our approach is one of mutual assistance—we view ourselves as "competitors on a team." By working together, we enhance our collective strength.

        Courage: Previous generations have shown enormous courage and bravery in everything from the establishment of the railway, Ulefos Ironworks, the Telemark Canal, Bø Sommarland and bringing USN to the village. This bravery and resourcefulness will continue to be part of the destination's core story.

        TelemarksVeka, Fruktbygda farmers, and the Sustainability Center at USN exemplify organizations with ambitious aspirations. Emphasizing accessibility through tailored experiences is a concerted effort by companies to showcase our stakeholders' commitment to revolutionizing the tourism industry. We prioritize sustainable development within the tourism sector and strive to be pioneers in adopting cutting-edge technical and digital tools.

        ⭐ Joy: Welcoming guests brings us immense joy, and the essence of our experiences revolves around happiness, laughter, the delightful flutter in the stomach, and the joy derived from immersing oneself in the awe-inspiring wonders of nature and rich cultural encounters. Our approach involves personal interactions between visitors and the owner/operator—no major investors, just passionate individuals dedicated to cultivating and contributing to the local community with love and joy. Our aim is to foster work environments that inspire joy among employees, creating a positive and fulfilling space for everyone.

        "Create Memories for Life" encapsulates the essence of premium experiences marked by exceptional quality. These memorable encounters are crafted not only through outstanding service, but also by fostering personal connections. Our commitment to providing a high level of service ensures that guests, including those with disabilities, leave with enduring memories. These experiences are designed to be inclusive, catering to everyone and creating lasting impressions that resonate for a lifetime.

        Visit Bø AS org nr: 980 476 286