The Bø River (Bøelva)

| 2 minutter lesetid

A pleasant and leisurely trek lasting 2-3 hours, ideal for combining with a visit to Kvennøya at Bø Museum. The hiking route spans from Oterholtbrua to Gårabru, encompassing the scenic stretch along the river.

Distance Difficulty Level Time (without breaks)
3-4 km/h Medium 2-3 hours
About the hike

There are marked trails on both sides of the river, offering a predominantly flat and easily navigable terrain suitable for year-round walks. A wide path/road allows for a straightforward journey from Oterholt to Gårabru on the north side of the river. The hiking area is conveniently accessible on foot, by bike, or by bus.

How to get to Bøelva

Parking spaces are available at Oterholtbrua, Folkestadbrua, and Gårabrua. To reach the starting point at Bø Museum on Oterholt for the "Kulturstien," travel 2.7 km west on Seljordsvegen from the roundabout in Bø center, turning right towards Oterholt at Statoil after 0.4 km.

The parking lot at Folkestadbrua serves as the starting point for both "Kulturstien" and "Folkestien." Follow Folkestadvegen towards Notodden for 1.7 km from Bø center (roundabout).