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Årmotdalen serves as a prime launchpad for mountain hikes in Mid Telemark. The trek to Bukkelifjell unfolds a captivating narrative of bygone Central Telemark life, showcasing remnants of stables, settlements, farm buildings, and pastures.

While well-marked trails guide your journey, the hike to Bukkelifjell also beckons those seeking adventure off the beaten path in the mesmerizing wilderness. Explore the rich history and rugged beauty of Central Telemark.

Distance Difficulty Level Time (without breaks)
9 km Medium 3-4 hours
About the hike

From the parking lot, follow the trail that leads to Løkjin pond, then continue on to Tyristul and the picturesque lake Pina. Pause at Rypeskaret for a breathtaking 770-meter-high view of Gaustatoppen.

Continue westward, following the trail to Skarestulen, where the captivating view of Årmotdalen unfolds. The trail then descends back to the parking lot. Ensure proper footwear, especially for the briefly damp section of the hike.

How to get to Bukkelifjell

From Bø center's roundabout, take Folkestadvegen for approximately 5 km, just past Telemarkshallen. Turn left towards Årmotdalen after Telemarkshallen. Upon reaching Åsebrua, take a left turn. Follow the road to Nord-Årmot, where the parking lot is situated along the road. An information board marks the trail's starting point.

Source: Bø Turlag
Image: Arne Hjeltnes