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Folkestadåsene, situated between Hørteelva and Folkestadgrenda, provides an ideal hiking environment for families with children.

The elevation changes are minimal, featuring flat rocks and gently rounded ridges. Well-defined trails offer hikers a variety of pleasant walks to choose from. During the summer, the ponds and Hørteelva river present excellent opportunities for refreshing swims.

Distance Difficulty Level Time (without breaks)
2-7 km Easy Depending on the route

About the hike

Ascend the trail towards Trytetjønnene, a charming area with excellent picnic spots. Enjoy the picturesque surroundings before deciding whether to retrace your steps or continue along the path towards Hørteelva.

Along this route, you'll encounter notable points of interest such as Høgfoss, the highest waterfall in the river, and Brukåsa, featuring impressive rocky outcrops. The trail further unveils Langefoss, known for its captivating rocks and potholes.

The primary trails to the north of Folkestadåsene include Trytetjønnvegen and Postkassevegen, both traversing the ridge. For those venturing south along the ridge and ascending the path to Åskollen, breathtaking views await, although note that this particular trail is unmarked.

How to get to Folkestadåsene

To reach the starting point, head towards Trytetjønnene by driving along Folkestadvegen from the roundabout in Bø center towards Notodden for approximately 5 km. Once Telemarkshallen appears on the right-hand side, you'll find a convenient parking lot about 100 m past the hall.

Source: Bø Turlag
Image: Leif Krosshaug