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Go on a delightful mountain journey as you traverse the diverse terrain of Krintofjellet — an ideal adventure for most individuals.

Marvel at the sweeping panoramic views of central Telemark from the modest peaks encircling the parking area at Jønnbu. This destination is tailor-made for families with children in search of a brief yet captivating hike.

Distance Difficulty Level Time (without breaks)
4,4 km Easy 1 hour 50 min.
About the hike

Starting from the parking lot, following the trail towards Krintokleiva. As you approach the junction below the cleiva, make a left turn towards upper Anebudalen, and proceed to the junction at Anebuhovet.

At this point, choose the path to the right, leading you over the captivating Krintofjellet. Positioned at an elevation of 925 meters above sea level, Krintofjellet provides a magnificent vantage point overlooking the scenic landscapes of Bø and Norsjø.

From Krintofjellet, the trail gently descends to Krintoskaret, located at the summit of Krintokleiva. Follow the path down the kleiva, eventually leading you back to the parking lot at Jønnbu. While at Krintoskaret, you might be enticed to take a brief detour up to Bøkstulnatten, standing proudly at 928 meters above sea level, offering even more breathtaking views.

The hike covers approximately 4 kilometers, with a modest elevation gain of 170 meters. The trail is well-marked and diligently maintained by Bø Turlag.

How to get to the parking lot

Commence your journey from the roundabout in Bø center, taking Folkestadvegen. Follow this road until you reach Bø Sommarland. At the intersection near Bø Sommarland, turn left onto Lifjellvegen, and continue along this route until you reach the parking lot at Jønnbu, where parking is available for a fee. An informative board at the site provides maps and hiking details.

The total distance from the roundabout in Bø city center is 13.2 kilometers.

Source: Bø Turlag