Utsikt fra Lundås

Summit Hike Lundås (185 m MSL)

| 2 minutter lesetid

Enjoy a fantastic family hike showcasing stunning views of Lunde. The trail is easily traversed, offering ample opportunities to light a fire at the summit.

Distance Difficulty Level Time (without breaks)
1,1 km t/r Easy Approx. 20 min
About the hike

Embark on an effortless hike suitable for the entire family, offering captivating views of Lunde. A shelter is conveniently provided in case of rain during the excursion, ensuring a comfortable experience. At the summit, a mailbox containing a book awaits exploration.

How to get to Lundås

Near the entrance to Lunde church, take a turn onto Prestegårdsvegen. Drive 450 meters until you reach a well-marked parking lot on the right, situated below a residential property. Look for the designated parking sign to guide you.

Source: David Hosen Cover
Image: David Hosen

Wishing you a delightful journey!