Summit Hike Østre Nuke (453 m MSL)

| 2 minutter lesetid

Enjoy a scenic summit trek, traversing through a combination of forest roads and trails. Revel in the breathtaking panoramic vista of Ulefoss, just slightly south of the summit.

Distance Difficulty Level Time (without breaks)
3,2 km Medium Approx. 1 h 30 min
About the hike

Embark on your hiking adventure from Dagsrud, where the journey begins. Follow the gravel road alongside the deer enclosure, and park your vehicle at the old gravel outlet. Head right at the corner of the enclosure onto the forest road, ascending as you go.

Upon reaching the summit on the left, the forest road transforms into a trail, leading you downhill. After a short distance, spot a path on your left – this marks the initial opportunity for significant elevation gain to reach the plateau. Follow the path westward towards the summit.

While the route lacks explicit signage or markers, navigation is straightforward. At the top, discover a mailbox containing a book for visitors. Wander south on the plateau to enjoy a splendid view of Ulefoss and the surrounding fields.

For those seeking an alternative route, a walk to Vestre Nuke is possible, although the path is sporadic. Following the ridge westward, however, offers an easy alternative.

Time/Distance: 1 hour 30 minutes (one way) / 6.2 kilometers (one way)

How to get to Østre Nuke

Commence your hike from Dagsrud. Drive onto the gravel road alongside the deer enclosure, and find parking at the old gravel outlet.

Embrace the journey and savor the hike!
Sourve: David Hosen
Image: David Hosen