Øysteinnatten at Lifjell

| 2 minutter lesetid

Standing at an elevation of 1174 meters, Øysteinatten is the highest peak on this side of Lifjell, attracting numerous hikers to its well-known summit.

Distance Difficulty Level Time (without breaks)
10 km Medium  - Demanding 3-4 hours
About the hike

The Øysteinnatten hike is an exhilarating adventure, perfect for those seeking a moderate to challenging experience in hilly mountain terrain. The trail includes a steep ascent up Krintokleiva, Tunglijuvet, and the final climb to Øysteinnatten. Given the rapid weather changes in the mountains, ensure you have appropriate clothing, sturdy footwear, and navigation tools like a map and compass.

Lifjell unfolds breathtaking landscapes with high mountain peaks, deep valleys, and meandering streams. The peaks showcase rounded or peak-shaped formations with steep cliffs, while the spaces between offer a tranquil landscape. Choose from various short circular trails for your return to Jønnbu, the parking lot, completing a memorable hike.

How to get to Øysteinnatten
From the roundabout in Bø center, take Folkestadvegen towards Notodden for approximately 4 km.  Turn left just after the exit to Bø Sommarland. Continue straight ahead at all intersections for about 9 km. Arrive at the parking lot at Jønnbu (parking fee applicable).
Source: Bø Turlag