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The cultural trail known as "Skarravegen" winds along peaceful gravel roads near the Telemark Canal, stretching from Ulefoss to Lunde.

Distance Difficulty Level Time (without breaks)
1 km Easy 1 hour
About the hike

Commencing from either the Ulefoss sluice, Ulefos Hovedgaard, or Vrangfoss sluice, the journey unfolds along the road between Lunde and Landsmarka, situated approximately 1 km south of Lunde's center.

Along the route, you'll encounter the picturesque Ulefoss Hovedgaard, featuring a delightful park and a museum showcasing vintage horse-drawn vehicles. Continuing, you'll traverse the Eidsfoss lock, crossing over its steam gates, before reaching the grand finale at Vrangfoss lock. Boasting five lock chambers, Vrangfoss lock stands as the largest and most impressive structure along the canal's path.