Roundtrip Stangefjell

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Explore the scenic Stangefjell on a round trip adventure (297 meters above sea level) around Sannerholt. This family-friendly hike to a nearby peak in Ulefoss, Nome municipality, offers a moderate challenge and is marked with blue trail markers by Ulefoss Turlag.

Distance Difficulty Level Time (without breaks)
6 km Medium Approx. 2 hours
About the hike

Embark on a scenic journey starting from the historic Aall-Ulefos Hovedgaard. Begin by following the cultural road "Skarravegen" inward. After approximately 750 meters (just before the picnic area), make a right turn, diverging from the cultural road, and follow the marked signs. Along the route, you'll encounter Dammane, formerly the water source for Hovedgården. As you approach the summit, veer southeast and follow the edge for 150 meters. A guidebook awaits at the viewpoint.

Continue the adventure along the blue-marked trail heading southeast, with clear signs leading to the Stanga viewpoint. During the descent, enjoy a breathtaking panorama of Norsjø and Ulefoss. Upon reaching Sannerholt, cross the road to the farm and trace the game fence until a gate. Remember to close the gate after passing through. Follow the path through the valley, passing a picturesque pond before rejoining the original trail.

For those seeking extra exploration, consider a detour to "Korpenatten" or an alternative route descending past the mast on Skaragrindsåsen.

How to get to Stangefjell

The starting point for this invigorating hike is the parking lot at the esteemed Aall-Ulefos Hovedgaard.

Have a nice trip!
Source: David Hosen
Image: David Hosen