The Love Trail

| 2 minutter lesetid

The Love Trail winds through a picturesque landscape alongside the Gvarvelva river and traverses Gamlegata in Gvarv town center. The latter, adorned with its charming old wooden houses, stands as an attraction in its own right.

Distance Difficulty Level Time (without breaks)
2,2 km


Approx. 45 minutes
About the hike

The trail is pram-friendly, featuring benches along the route for a comfortable break. Ideal for all ages, the walk begins at Gvarv pier, extending alongside the river. Thoughtfully constructed bridges ensure a dry and pleasant journey throughout.

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How to get to The Love Trail

Departing from Gvarv center, head towards Notodden and make a right turn just before the medical center. Continue straight along the road until you reach Gvarv brygge, where a convenient parking lot is available.