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Jønnbu is encircled by three petite peaks – Anebunatten, Krintofjellet, and Bøkstulnatten – creating an delightful round trip. Tretopper'n offers an ideal hike for families with children and individuals seeking a brief, effortless trek.

Distance Difficulty Level Time (without breaks)
5,5 km Medium 2 hours

The trio of peaks – Anebunatten, Krintofjellet, and Bøkstulnatten – ascend to an altitude of approximately 900 meters. With a 175-meter elevation gain from the parking lot, the trail offers diverse terrains. Bø Turlag has thoughtfully established a picnic area and campfire site along the route, providing a restful spot for weary feet.

For an added adventure, consider a stream gorge hike through the narrow river course along Grostulbekken. This thrilling shortcut leads to the summit of Krintofjellet, where kids can hop from rock to rock, experiencing the exhilaration of the rushing stream.

About the hike

This roundtrip, marked in blue and signposted as Tretopper´n, ensures easy navigation with maps at each junction. Commencing at the west end of Jønnbu's parking lot, follow the main trail towards Lifjell. At the first junction, head west to Anebunatten. Upon reaching Grostulbekken, decide whether to continue towards Anebunatten or opt for a shortcut up to Krintofjellet through the narrow river course, offering a more exhilarating and slightly challenging hike.

At the pinnacle of Anebudalen, turn left and trace the trail to Anebunatten, standing at 878 meters above sea level. From there, loop back to the trail junction and ascend Krintofjellet, reaching 923 meters above sea level, where a viewpoint awaits.

Descend from Krintofjellet to the summit of the steep Krintokleiva. Follow the path straight ahead, ascending steeply to the highest peak, Bøkstulnatten, at 928 meters above sea level. Descend the steep slope to the "Bestemorssløyfa" picnic area. Proceed down Bestemorsløyfa and follow the trail back to Jønnbu's parking lot.

Feel free to traverse the Tretopper´n route in both directions. For families with small children, consider heading straight at the first junction and entering "Bestemorssløyfa" with a designated picnic area. Explore "Bestemorssløyfa" and the trail leading up to Krintofjellet. Tailor the hike to one or two peaks for a shorter journey, as the mountain experience remains delightful regardless of the number of peaks visited.

How to get to the parking lot

Starting from the roundabout in Bø center, follow Folkestadvegen towards Bø Sommarland. At the Bø Sommarland intersection, turn left onto Lifjellvegen and continue along this road until you reach the parking lot at Jønnbu, where parking is available for a fee.

Upon arrival, discover an information board featuring maps and hiking details. The total distance from the roundabout in Bø city center to the parking lot is 13.2 km.

Source: Bø Turlag