Summit Hike Vinsås (223 m MSL)

| 2 minutter lesetid

A delightful afternoon trek for the entire family, with a moderately steep final ascent to the summit.

Distance Difficulty Level Time (without breaks)
3,2 km Easy  Approx. 1 time, 30 minutter
About the hike

Embark on this scenic hike with the starting point located on the forest road just south of Moen farm. The trail, marked in blue and well-signposted, offers flexibility—choose between the tractor road south of the summit or the northeast ascent. Discover a summit mailbox with a book and enjoy a picturesque southern view towards Hollatjønn, and more.

Time/Distance: 1 hour 30 minutes (round trip) / 4 kilometers (round trip)

How to get to Vinsås

Commence your adventure at the forest road slightly south of Moen gård.

Source: David Hosen
Photo: David Hosen

Enjoy the hike!