Cross-country skiing in Midt-Telemark and Nome

Experience the best of Norwegian winter

Discover the cross-country skiing possibilities available at Lifjell, Bø, Lunde, and Ulefoss by delving into the details provided here.

Throughout the winter, extensive ski trails are meticulously groomed in our region. If you appreciate the considerable efforts of our trail teams, please consider offering your support.

Additionally, a map highlighting the trail network and parking facilities is provided below for your convenience.

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Discover the joys of cross-country skiing at Lifjell

Lifjell offers a total of 80 km of groomed ski trails during the winter season. The fine cross-country skiing trails include:

  • Vihus
  • Jønnbu: Four circular trails ranging from 2-3 km, designed to be child-friendly.
  • Towards Lifjell from Jønnbu: Experience the beauty of high mountain terrain with varied trails situated at 1000-1100 m above sea level. Surrounded by peaks reaching up to 1300 m above sea level.

For a highly recommended experience, explore the trail towards Hollane. Enjoy the diverse landscapes and skiing adventures Lifjell has to offer.

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Hollane Seter

Embark on a skiing adventure to Hollane Seter for a serene experience amidst quietude, snow-capped peaks, and the rewarding goal of indulging in a warm waffle in the heart of the mountains.

Nestled in the center of Lifjell, Hollane is conveniently situated 9 km from the Jønnbu parking lot and 13 km from Grimås in Seljord. A favored destination for ski enthusiasts, Hollane offers a tranquil retreat where you can enjoy a well-deserved break. This private cabin operates under a DNT (Norwegian Trekking Association) agreement, adding to the allure of this idyllic mountain getaway.

Accommodation possibilities at Hollane include:

  • 30 beds distributed across 3 cabins: Offering versatility for different groups, companies, and events.

For booking or additional information, please reach out to:

Telephone: 911 20 182
E-mail: [email protected].

Hollane is also accessible by a weasel, a tracked vehicle. If you opt for the weasel, you have the opportunity to disembark at the highest point of the hike, allowing you to savor the high mountain scenery on skis for the final stretch. The weasel operates from Jønnebu at 11 am and 12 pm when Hollane is open. For inquiries about the weasel service, feel free to contact Nils Arne Folkestad at tel: 412 32 503.

Established since the 1600s, Hollane has a rich history as a farm, with its involvement in the tourist business dating back to around 1920. The Folkestad family, who have managed the place for several generations, extend a warm welcome to all mountain enthusiasts.

Opening Hours:

Every day during week 8 (winter vacation)
Every day throughout the Easter holiday
Open on weekends from week 8 to Easter
Summer opening hours can be found on their Facebook page.

Weasel Prices:

Adult: kr. 200 // Round trip: kr. 300
Child: kr. 100 // Round trip: kr. 150

For more detailed information about Hollane tourist cabin, please refer to their provided resources.

Cross-country skiing in Bø

The trail network in Bø spans approximately 55 km in length, originating from the well-lit trail in Nordbøåsen.

Starting from this point, skiers can journey through various locations, including the city center, Gullbring, the University, Langkåshaugen, Liheia, and Vihus. Bø Løypelag oversees the maintenance of these outstanding machine-prepared trails, relying on the dedication of volunteers and voluntary contributions. Your support plays a pivotal role in determining the frequency of trail preparation.

For contributions of kr. 600 or more, you have the option to include your mobile phone number in the payment message field, enabling you to receive text messages about newly groomed trails or grooming schedules.

Payments can be made directly to Løypelagets Venner: 2630 05 64800.

The Nordbøåsen ski resort boasts a 3.3 km illuminated trail with lights available until 21:30.

Parking options include the trotting track in Bø or the Nordbøåsen residential area.

To reach the parking lot at the racetrack:

From the roundabout in Bø city center, head towards Stasjonsvegen and continue along Lundevegen. After approximately 2 km, you'll reach Veirudkrysset. Take Kyrkjevegen to the right, followed by Skyttarvegen to the left, 200 meters further on.
At the end of Skyttarvegen, you'll find Travbanen and Skyttarbanen, along with a parking lot featuring an information board.

The distance from the center is approximately 3.7 km.

Explore the map of ski trails and corresponding parking areas in Bø
Would you be interested in receiving SMS notifications when new trails are available in Bø?

Bø Løypelag sends out SMS alerts about newly groomed trails and other valuable information to those who support the trail team with contributions of NOK 600 or more.

Payments can be made directly to Løypelaget Venner.

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  • Account number: 26300564800

Cross-country skiing in Nome

In Nome municipality, a wealth of skiing opportunities awaits, featuring three illuminated trails and extensive kilometers of meticulously groomed ski trails. The overview is categorized into the areas of Lunde and Ulefoss:


IL Skade's cross-country skiing network in Lunde includes a floodlit trail at Sagamoen and various hiking trails. Thanks to the generosity of landowners and dedicated volunteer efforts, a well-prepared trail network is at your disposal.

The trails are maintained using our new trail machine, with lakes and the Dalatjønnrunden circuit managed by snowmobiles. Clear signage marks all trails, and the selection of trails used depends on prevailing snow and ice conditions.

Priority is given to the Lysløypa and Skoejordene to Sagamoen trails, with occasional grooming of trails on the lakes using scooters. Please note that travel on icy waters is undertaken at your own risk. For additional information on trail preparation, consult IL Skade's website, Facebook page, or opt for SMS notifications.

We trust that everyone will discover a trail option that perfectly suits their preferences!


Ulefoss Sportsforening takes care of maintaining the illuminated trail at Heggemoen and hiking trails throughout the Ulefoss area, constituting a comprehensive trail network spanning around 30 km. A significant portion of these trails is mechanically leveled, with the added effort of installing 300 m of pipes to facilitate drainage in streams and wet areas.

The trail options cater to various preferences, ranging from the 20 km Bukoll trail to the shorter 5.8 km loop over Vindsåsmyr, commencing from Heggemoen. The trails offer a diverse experience, accommodating both easy routes and slightly more challenging ones.

For further details, please refer to the Ulefoss Sportsforening website.

Map of the trail network in Ulefoss
Are you interested in receiving SMS notifications about newly opened trails or other pertinent information in Ulefoss?

Ulefoss Sportsforening sends out SMS alerts to those who support the trail team with contributions of NOK 400 or more. Payments can be made directly to USF Ski og Løypelag, with the option to include your phone number in the message field for updates.

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