Golden Apple


The Golden Apple was awarded yearly to people, organizations or businesses that made a special effort in one or more of the following areas:

  • Dissemination of values and opportunities in sustainable rural communities and nature.
  • Dissemination of Norwegian food and food culture, and a healthy and good diet based on fruit and vegetables.
  • Dissemination of traditional art and culture, knowledge, fertility and business development based on personal and local resources.

The actual statuette with the apple and gold leaf, which the winners received as visible proof of the award, was made by the artist Arnt Darrud. 

We no longer award the Golden Apple, but following is a list of previous years' winners:

2021 – Arne Brimi
2020 – No award or festival because of Covid-19.
2019 – Ingulf Galåen and Rørosmat
2018 – Pascale Baudonnel
2017 – Aina Bartmann
2016 – Jorid Vale
2015 – Gunnar and Lisbeth Ingelstad
2014 – Epleblomsten AS
2013 - Epleslang AS
2012 - Moods of Norway
2011 - Det norske kokkelandslaget
2010 - Stein Are Hansen
2009 - Arne Hjeltnes
2008 - Princess Märtha Louise

2007 - Ingrid Espelid Hovig and Kåre Norum
2006 - Jens Aksel Riisnæs