Explore Midt-Telemark and Nome by bike

There is plenty of cycling paths awaiting exploration in Midt-Telemark and Nome, boasting manageable distances between key destinations and attractions. Additionally, we suggest shorter excursions starting from Lunde, Ulefoss, Bø, and Gvarv

The canal route commences at Ulefoss and guides you along the Telemark Canal to Dalen. Maps of this route (priced at NOK 49,- plus postage) are available for ordering from the tourist office in Bø or can be purchased from various operators along the route.

Mini-guide versions of the individual routes mentioned here (excluding Kulturrunden) can be acquired for NOK 20,- each. These are on sale at tourist offices and numerous businesses in Bø and along the Telemark Canal.

Ut.no provides numerous high-quality maps and descriptions of cycling tours, particularly originating from Lunde, which is regarded as one of the prime starting points for cycling along the Telemark Canal.

The Fruktbygda cycling map offers a tour encompassing all the notable sights within the fruit landscape of Gvarv.

Download Fruktbygda cycling map

Cycling Routes


This cycling excursion commences from Lunde, presenting ample opportunities for a rejuvenating swim along the way. Beginning at Lunde Kanalcamping, the tour spans approximately 21 kilometers in length.

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Embark on a historic cycling journey that leads you past two castles, medieval church ruins, Telemark's largest farm, and one of Norway's oldest industrial enterprises.

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The "Blå Idyll" cycle route offers a picturesque landscape tracing the canal from Norsjø Ferieland to the enchanting blues town of Notodden.

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Embark on an exhilarating adventure with this tour, which includes a canal boat excursion and a scenic bike ride through one of the nation's most bountiful fruit regions.

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This route offers a remarkable cycling experience along one of the world's most impressive feats of engineering—the eighth wonder of the world—carved into the rock over a century ago.

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Along the way, you'll encounter floating dams, log cabins, crushed stone works, and historic homesteads.

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This popular cycling route allows you to closely observe the enchanting sights of the Telemark Canal, while immersing yourself in the rich cultural landscape.

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Langen, a bike ride from Lunde extending 19 km beyond Landsmarka, offers an easy, family-friendly route with well-marked hikes.

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Motbakken is a challenging cycling route ideal for those seeking an invigorating workout. Spanning 62 km, the journey commences at Lunde lock.

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Witness a lock, visit a medieval church, enjoy a round of golf, shop at a farm shop, and even take a refreshing swim.

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The Solsida cycle route winds through breathtaking landscapes, guiding you past picturesque bathing areas all the way to the serene Telemark Canal.

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This route guides you through the scenic orchards of Gvarv, past museums, and the renowned Bø Sommarland.

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This cycling route spans multiple stages, journeying through an area rich in captivating experiences, breathtaking natural scenery, and thrilling activities.

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Villmarksrunden is situated between Lunde and Drangedal, covering a trail of 22 kilometers with some smaller transport stages on gravel and asphalt.

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