Hollane seter

Hollane Seter, situated atop Lifjell at an elevation of 859 meters, offers an excellent hiking experience with well-defined trails. Located approximately 9 km (about 3 hours) from Jønnbuparkeringa and 6 km from Grønbygel (Årmotdalen), this historic Setra has been operational since the 1600s, with its tourist section established in 1920. Run by the Folkestad family for several generations, they extend a warm welcome to all mountain enthusiasts!


At Hollane Tourist Cabin, immerse yourself in a tranquil and delightful atmosphere, choosing from simple standard full/half board options or opting for self-catering. The Tourist Cabin, Seterbua, and Steinhytta collectively offer 30 beds. Each cabin's kitchen is well-equipped with gas stoves, kettles, and kitchen utensils, facilitating easy dinner preparation.

For those interested in renting for groups, companies, events, or private stays, please reach out to Hollane Seter.

Snow Vehicle - Weasel

Explore the convenience of transportation via the Snow Vehicle, known as the Weasel, from the Jønnbu parking lot to Hollane. This service allows for on/off boarding along the way. The Weasel departs at 11 am and 12 pm from the Jønnbu parking lot and operates as needed on the days when Hollane is open.

For inquiries regarding rentals for groups, companies, events, or private use of the Snow Vehicle (Weasel), please contact Hollane Seter.

Snow Vehicle - Weasel Prices:

  • Adult kr. 250,- t/r kr. 400,-
  • Children kr. 150,- t/r kr. 250,-


Hollane welcomes visitors every day throughout the winter and Easter holiday starting from week 8, contingent upon weather conditions. During the opening hours, indulge in the cozy atmosphere of a seated café offering delights such as patches, jam, sour cream porridge, soft drinks, and tea/coffee/cocoa. Additionally, weekends feature tempting cinnamon rolls, while the winter season offers hot soup and waffles.

Transitioning to the summer season, which spans from July 1 to September 1, the Seterkafé remains open daily, providing a delightful setting for all.

Feel free to contact Hollane Seter for more information.

Mail: [email protected]
Weasel: 412 32 503
Tourist Cabin: 469 45 516
Booking: 911 20 182

Check out  Hollane Seter at Facebook for updated information.