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The Bryggefjell hike is ideal for a half-day or evening adventure, offering an alluring summit experience with panoramic views extending from Midt-Telemark in the south to Lifjell in the north.

The trail features plain rocky outcrops, providing excellent vantage points that enhance the overall enjoyment of the hike. Starting from the Liheia parking lot, the ascent is steep, totaling 430 meters, promising a rewarding and invigorating journey to the summit.

Distance Difficulty Level Time (without breaks)
3,8 km oneway Medium 2-3 hours
About the hike

From the parking lot, the trail leads west along Sletteliberga, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the expansive Bøbygda. For those with limited time, a brief ascent here is highly recommended. Proceed a bit further to Kolahuset, where you'll veer right, ascending towards Bryggefjell through a captivating forest and shiny rocks, culminating at the hiking team's anniversary cairn atop Bryggefjell.

At the cairn, relish impressive vistas spanning Bø, Sauherad, and Lifjell. Carry on past Skjentjønn, a serene spot for rest or a refreshing swim in favorable weather conditions. Descend through the narrow Tjønnstuldalen valley, surrounded by an ancient, mysterious spruce forest, and reach the path leading to the ruins of the Ånto homestead. Take a stroll there and appreciate the blossoming flowers on the ramparts!

How to get to Bryggefjell

To reach the trailhead, drive from the roundabout up Bøgata to Statoil, then turn right up Gymnasbakken towards Oterholt. Passing Bø Museum, follow the sign "Li 2.6" to Liheia's summit. Turn left into the parking lot at Liheia, where you'll find an information board marking the trail's start.

Ding-dang kyrkja (The Ding-Dang Church)

The trail descends along Langeskor from Ånto, a marked shelf etched into the mountainside. Progressing further, the path ascends sharply to the left, leading to the intriguing mountain cave known as Ding-dang Church. Despite its dimness, the cave, shaped like a triangular cathedral, is safe to explore and can accommodate up to 30 people. Within, a stone functions as a modest altar. Notably, during the Second World War, Ding-dang Church provided sanctuary for Bohemians sought by the Germans.

Just 800 meters on level ground from the parking lot at Innleggen, a picnic area awaits, offering superb vistas.

Caution: In inclement weather, particularly when wet and cold, the paths may become slippery.