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Evjudalen offers an excellent arena for both short and extended walks, allowing individuals to set their own pace. The area is equipped with seating and activity zones, complemented by numerous well-marked hiking trails.

Distance Difficulty level Time (without breaks)
1,7 km t/r Easy Approx. 20 min
About the hike

Situated in Bø in Telemark, Evjudalen is a picturesque valley where two charming watercourses converge. Transformed into a spacious and welcoming green park, it boasts universally designed hiking trails, playgrounds, benches, exercise facilities, lawns, and various social gathering spots.

Ideal for a leisurely stroll in the center of Bø, the paths are wider than typical trails and feature smooth surfaces, enhancing accessibility for wheelchair users, strollers, the elderly, and individuals with diverse abilities.

Bø Turlag has undertaken the responsibility of maintaining the forest trails surrounding Evjudalen. As part of their efforts, they have diligently marked and signposted the path from Gullbringvegen up to the two churches (Source: Bø Turlag).

How to get to Evjudalen

To reach Evjudalen, simply follow the signs from Bø city center. Whether you opt for a car, public transport, or prefer walking or cycling, the park is conveniently accessible from the city center.

Three maps are strategically placed at starting points and at Bø Church. The Gullbring student dormitory provides an easy reference point for finding the park.

Wishing you a delightful trip!