Gygrestolen i solnedgang


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Explore the renowned Gygrestolen hike, a challenging 6-kilometer trek leading to a mysterious plateau where legend has it that the gygra once hurled massive boulders across Bø in a fit of rage.

According to folklore, the world is destined to end should Gygrestolen ever fall. This thrilling adventure is beloved by nature enthusiasts and gained fame on the TV show "71° nord - Norway's toughest celebrity" in 2020.

Distance Difficulty Level Time (without breaks)
5,9 km/h Medium to heavy. Requires good footwear. Some wet bogs. 3 hours
About the hike

Gygrestolen is a renowned landmark and a favored mountain trek in Bø. This unique destination features a distinctive rock formation, marked by a chair with the ura and two massive boulders, shaped by the last ice age.

Legend has it that Gygra, angered by the advent of Christianity in the village, sat here and hurled large boulders at Gårakirka church. The folklore foretells that the chair will one day fall into Uvdalstjønna, signaling the end of the world.

Ascending to Gygrestolen can be challenging, but the effort is rewarded. Upon reaching Svarttjønn, the most strenuous part is behind you. On the northwest side of the lake lies a peculiar two-storey cave. A short detour to Venetjønn is recommended, offering a tempting spot for a refreshing swim on sunny days before reaching Gygrestolstupet.

The cliff's view towards the ura and the scenic cultural landscape below is unforgettable. The return journey leads west through an ancient natural forest with the melody of chirping birds. From Maurknatten, a special vantage point unveils the ura and the rugged cliffs beneath the chair.

The hike to the summit covers approximately 3.5 km, with the entire round trip doubling that distance. The elevation gain from the parking lot to the summit is 365 meters. In near-freezing temperatures, caution is advised for slippery and icy rocks. The trail is well-marked and maintained by Bø Turlag, ensuring a safe and enjoyable adventure.

How to get to Gygrestolen
By car:

From Bø city center, head towards Lunde on road 359 (roundabout). After approximately 4 km, turn right towards Tveiten at Tjønnås. Stay left at the intersection, approximately 6.2 km from Bø center (do not turn off to Dagstjønnvegen). Upon reaching the parking lot near Uvdalstjønna, you'll find an information board and a blue-marked trail leading up to Gygrestolen.

Public transportation:
Unfortunately, there is no public transport available to the parking lot at Uvdalstjønna.

Gygrestolen sett utenfra

Foto: TVNorge

Jon Almaas på Gygrestolen, klatrer

Jon Almaas at Gygrestolen. Foto: TVNorge

Acknowledgments to Bø Turlag for their dedicated efforts in maintaining and preserving this trail!

Source: Bø Turlag
Cover image: Iver Paulsberg