Summit Hikes Høyslass – Bruskor

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Høyslass and Bruskor is an exhilarating summit hike, offering magnificent panoramas of Bødalen, Lifjell, and Gygrestolen.

The trail features steep inclines, slender valleys, cliffs adorned with rock ledges, and stunning vistas. The elevation varies moderately, ranging from 250 to 300 meters from the parking areas to the hilltops.

Distance Difficulty Level Time (without breaks)
4,5 km Medium 1-2 hours
About the hike

Three parking lots—Forberg, Nordbøåsen, and Travbanen—serve as starting points for hiking to three marked destinations: Bruskor, Trelsborg (village castle), and Høyslass.

For the Høyslass hike, it is recommended to start from the trotting track, involving a steep ascent along the link before proceeding through pleasant and gentle terrain northwest towards Høyslassnuten (375 meters above sea level). The summit offers enchanting views to the north, overlooking Bø, and to the south, capturing the beauty of Gygrestolen.

Alternatively, the Bruskor hike from Forbergsida is also delightful. It includes a steep and invigorating ascent, leading to a trail that meanders through flat rocks and a serene pine forest, providing breathtaking views all the way to the top. From Bruskor, one can relish panoramic views of Øvre Bø, Forberg, Lifjell, Bryggefjell, and Bø.

To reach the parking lot at the racetrack, drive approximately 2 km from the Bø center roundabout on highway 359 towards Lunde, then turn right at the signposted Travbane/Skytebane.

For the parking lot on Forbergsida, head from the Bø center roundabout on road 36 towards Seljord, and make a left just after the old Forberg school.

Source: Bø Turlag