Lifjellstua to Hollane Seter

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The Lifjellstua to Hollane Seter hike is perfect for a half-day adventure, offering delightful experiences in both summer and winter. Enjoy stunning landscapes and picturesque views throughout the journey.

Distance Difficulty Level Time (without breaks)
8,9 km


Approx. 6t
About the hike

The trail follows the most direct path from Lifjellstua (DNT) through Oksladalen to Hollane Seter on red-marked hiking trails. The initial stretch (300 m) from Lifjellstua to the west end of the sizable parking lot at Jønnbu (755 m above sea level) is not yet signposted or marked. From there, the main trail to Lifjell ascends to the trail junction under Krintofjellet.

Turn left towards Anebudalen and consider a detour to Anebunatten for breathtaking views of Jønnbuplatået and the Telemark region towards the North Sea and Grenland.

Continue straight ahead towards the marked Oksladalen valley. As the forest clears, you'll have climbed the steepest ridge, offering a backward view from the entrance to the narrower part of Oksladalen - Okslagrinda, the gateway to Lifjell. Follow the old shepherd's road, gently ascending to Skaret at Skartjønn, the hike's highest point at 1005 meters above sea level. To the west, tranquil mountain terrain unfolds past Skartjønn and Mjeltetjønn before descending to Hollane mountain farm at 850 meters above sea level.

In wet periods, the trail might be a bit damp. Despite the challenge of hilly terrain, you'll be treated to a stunning panorama of the mountains and forests surrounding Lifjell.

IMPORTANT! Anebudalen may be closed during winter due to the risk of avalanches. Oksladalen can also be susceptible to avalanches during certain periods. Please note that the route through Oksladalen is not recommended for skiing.

How to get from Lifjellstua to Hollane Seter

By car: Drive directly to Lifjellstua or park in the spacious parking lot at Jønnbu near Lifjellstua.

By public transportation: During the ski season, a bus service operates from Bø to Jønnbu.

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Source: Bø Turlag