utsikten på Narekollen

Narekollen Cultural Trail

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Discover the Narekollen cultural trail, an hour-long stroll near Nordagutu, featuring cultural treasures like homesteads and the world's largest ski jump from 1934.

Distance Difficulty Level Time (without breaks)
5-10 km Easy-Medium Approx. 1,5 time
About the hike

Embark on the Narekollen cultural trail, a scenic one-hour walk from Nordagutu "Torget" at the station, covering approximately 3.6 km to the plain at Nordvollstulen. The route primarily follows well-maintained forest roads, with a slightly hilly terrain in the final stretch.

For a convenient starting point, consider the sports facility, offering ample parking. Along the route, explore four information boards with maps. Pass by the smallholding, Langås, and discover alternative access routes indicated on the map board at "Torget." Visit the station's waiting room for relevant photos and tour information.

Extend your hiking possibilities to Narefjell and Svanstul, both featuring medium-heavy hikes with steep ascents through forest terrain. The ski jump below Narefjell, once among the world's largest, offers a glimpse into historical sports. Learn more about it in the recently published book available at Akademika and Åheim landhandel.

Maps with information about homesteads, the ski jump, and the sports team are available for exploration.

Discover the rich history and diverse landscapes on the Narekollen trail!

Homesteads Map (in Norwegian)
Ski Jump Map (in Norwegian)
Sports Team Map (in Norwegian)

The ski jump in 1934:

Gammelt bilde av hoppbakken

Image: Ole Thor Ripegutu