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The Troganatten hike is perfect for a half-day or evening adventure, offering an enticing ascent up Lifjell with captivating views. Enjoy a delightful and challenging experience suitable for adults, especially with the rewarding vistas along the way.

Distance Difficulty Level Time (without breaks)
15,6 km Demanding 5 h 30 min
About the hike

Starting with a steep ascent through spruce and birch forests, the trail leads to the snow-capped Langetjønn mountain, a refreshing stop on warm days. Following easy terrain along the mountain's base, you'll eventually reach the scenic Bjørndalsvatnet lake. To reach the summit, ascend steeply along a sheep track before forging your path to the top.

At the summit, relish panoramic views of Lifjell's prominent peaks and the surrounding area, including Astridnatten, Skorvetoppen, Mælefjell, Røysdalsnuten, Blåtjønnfjell, Heksfjell, Himingen, Øysteinnatten, and Jøronnatten.

How to get to Troganatten

Drive from Bø/Oterholt up Liheia and take the toll road at Bergskås. Utilize a map if unfamiliar with the area, and pay the toll upon entering the gravel road. Continue a few kilometers until you reach the parking lot, marked by an information board and signs showing the start of the trail.

Image: Arne Hjeltnes