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Telemarksveka is a collaboration between about 50 businesses, local sports teams, TV 2, Visit Telemark, Norges Skiforbund, the municipalities of Telemark and ParaVeka at Notodden. The project has a extremely wide scope and is much more than a roller ski event, although this is the heart of the event other activities.

Telemark's biggest attractions are shown on a wide range of formats, both digital and linear TV in cooperation with TV 2, with the channel's profiles and Norway's biggest sports stars. This is a collaboration with Visit Telemark, Visit Bø, other destination companies and our own business network. Viewership of over 5 million, record visits to the county's main travel portals every year and over 50 000 visitors highlight the importance. TelemarksVeka is currently the most important marketing project for the Midt-Telemark region and the whole of Telemark. The TV 2 programme, «Sommerfest fra Telemark», is one of the most watched entertainment programmes over the summer.

The rollerski runs events arranged by Skarphedin Langrenn and Skade Langrenn, new addition in 2022 is Heddal IL. The first edition was launched in 2014 and around 300 people put in a huge effort to ensure that participants, friends and family have a healthy and fun holiday memory from Midt-Telemark.

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World Cup

In collaboration with the  Norwegian Ski Federation and TV 2, TelemarksVeka, together with local sports teams, Skade, Skarphedin and Snøgg, will organise the World Cup on roller skis with 12-14 participating nations in the last week of June. The event has not been held in Norway since 2009, and will be a great tribute to the destination and all contributors.

🥇 More details about the World Cup schedule available under TelemarksVeka 2022

Marketing of Midt-Telemark and the whole of Telemark

TelemarksVeka is to date the most important marketing project for the Mid-Telemark region and the entire Telemark towards the Norwegian market. Telemark's biggest attractions are shown on a wide range of formats, both digital and linear TV in cooperation with TV 2, with the channel's profiles and Norway's biggest sports stars.  The TV 2 programme, «Sommerfest fra Telemark», is one of the most watched entertainment programs during the summer, and will continue to be an important element.

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Business cooperation and business development

TelemarksVeka attaches great importance to corporate cooperation and business development. Without the businesses that are sponsoring and facilitating the implementation, TelemarksVeka would not have been possible. That's why TelemarksVeka organises B2B meetings for the business network several times a year. The aim is to create new forms of collaboration, increase expertise and promote cohesion in the region's business community. TelemarksVeka is unique in that it brings together a wide range of products around an attractive brand that attracts considerable national visibility.

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Access for all - equal treatment for para-sports

From 2022, TelemarksVeka is committed to a new direction that will affect all stakeholders. The positive momentum of the initiative will be used to promote sport, include children and young disabled people and encourage the business network to employ people who for various reasons are not participating in world of work. The project will work to highlight the differences in today's society both locally and nationally and has already established cooperation with organisations that will contribute to this, such as the Disability Association (FFO), The VI Fondation and the «Inclusive Tourism» in the Midt-Telemark region.

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Collaboration with USN and sustainability

The University of Southeast Norway is an important player in the network and TelemarksVeka will contribute to increased focus on USN in relation to disability access.

The university is also an important partner with respect to sustainability and green transition. The initiative aims to deliver on the UN's sustainability goals. In other words, a renewed concern for nature, the environment, culture and local communities, which are important for the whole travel experience. The Centre for Sustainable Development will therefore be an integral partner.

Sport recruitment

It is important that the events in TelemarksVeka contribute to sport recruitment. Skarphedin Langrenn has since the inception of the project evolved from a small local club to one of the county's largest grassroots clubs. This is a direct result of the TelemarksVeka project. With the World Cup and the new developments in para sports and disability facilitation, this is also a win for the local clubs as well as the wider community in Midt-Telemark.

TelemarksVeka is organised under Visit Bø AS, the destination authority for Midt-Telemark and the municipality of Nome.

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