Eplemostflasker på bordet



Every year Norsk Eplefest AS organizes a competition in collaboration with Hanen AS with a selection of Norway's best apple juice, cider and fruit wine.

Our cool climate with long days throughout the season creates some of the best apples in the world. Apple juice and apple cider made from these apples are of very good quality, and the Norwegian apple festival has therefore for several years taken the initiative to award Norway's best apple juice, fruit wine and apple cider. 

It is HANEN that is responsible for the practical implementation of the competition, and it is held every year in February/March. The winners will be announced on Norsk Eplefest's website and Facebook site, in addition to HANEN's website.

Norsk Eplefest is a co-sponsor and is responsible for awarding its own diploma to the winners.

The products are judged by a professional team where the judges are academically strong in assessing sensory properties, and in recent years have been recruited from environments such as HoReCa, Vinmonopolet, journalists, researchers and product developers in the industry. The products are judged by category, and according to a medal standard for gold, silver and bronze.

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